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We are a family owned and operated company specializing in Hurricane Protection. Based in MiamiDadeCounty we have experienced first hand the destruction caused by hurricanes, from this experience we have developed several US Patents while designing the Ultimate Hurricane Protection for you and your family. We did not cut any corners in the construction of our products and we have the data to prove it. All of our doors are Miami Dade Hurricane rated as well as FBC approved. Every door EVER produced by our company meets CURRENT insurance requirements. Yes a door made in 1998 still meets 2014 Standards! All of our doors are designed specifically to protect life and property.


List of Patents

6,062,293 Garage door reinforcement and method

6,647,677 Window Assembly for Garage Door

6,698,145 Surface mount window for doors

6,708,458 Keyed window assembly for Garage Door

6,711,861 Window frame for an opening closure with internal channel

6,718,595 Hinge assembly with self lubricated pin

6,763,638 Window assembly for opening closures

6,772,561 Garage door trim assembly with removable sealing element

6,837,011 Keyed window assembly for garage doors

6,862,850 Windows assembly for opening closures

7,437,856 Surface mount window for doors

7,464,743 Roll formed roll-up door guide with double wind bar end

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Hialeah, FL 33018


Phone: 800 257 2016

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All DOORS are Large Missle Impact Rated.

Large and Small Impact Approved Windows 

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