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Hurricane Master Door Testing

Hurricane Rated Garage Doors - Testing Videos

Our Hurricane Rated Garage Doors are the most resistant on the market, with impressive results in terms of impact rating and withstanding superior high velocity winds.

Hurricane Master Doors by DAB Door are built in compliance to the latest FBC (Florida Building Code) requirements and approved by the most stringent authority in the field, Miami Dade County.

When your manufacturing facilities are located near Miami, the Hurricane Capital of the World, there is no brainer we had to over-engineer our doors so we can beat the competition and the force of nature when it comes to Impact Resistant Hurricane Garage Doors.

Check out these photos and videos showing the extensive testing done in our Miami Dade approved engineering testing lab, to show how our doors can withstand the force of nature such impact of flying debris or high velocity wind generated pressures.

If you want peace of mind during a Hurricane buy a Hurricane Master!