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Accredited Hurricane Garage Doors by DAB: Protecting Your Assets with Quality and Standards

DAB Doors - Strong, Stylish, and Secure

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Protecting your home, securing your future

We all love to focus on the little things that make our home beautiful - our clothes, furniture, and even the color of our walls. But what about protecting our homes? Especially when we live in the hurricane center of the world. Installing a new garage door not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provides protection on those not-so-sunny days. At DAB Doors, we've got you covered with strength in every storm and style in every home.

8 US Patents

DAB is proud to own eight patents for our garage door designs, allowing us to provide customers with strong and innovative products.

Interforce System

We have designed our garage doors to provide maximum durability and protection while still keeping excessive weight to a minimum.

We are Local

DAB is based in Florida, the hurricane center of the world, where we design and manufacture our garage doors to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

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