Double Car Doors

The Hurricane Master series of Garage Doors are also available in widths over 18 feet and heights up to 16 feet. This ensures that if you have multiple sizes of garage doors at your home you can select the matching color of your choice. All the Hurricane Master Garage door skins are constructed with 24 gauge steel, and are put through a multiple step painting process to protect against rust or any other finish failure you may experience. With our exposer to salt water being within such close proximity DAB will stand behind our products against rust for a lifetime.

All of the Hurricane Master Garage Doors are equipped with our patented Interforce system, which does not require bulky reinforcing bars to be attached to the back of each panel when selecting our double car garage door. At less than Half the size of our competitors, our reinforcements are only 2 1/4″ in depth, and on a Miami Dade Hurricane rated garage door only 3 – 2 ¼” U-bars are typically needed.

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