Interforce Reinforcement System

The above gallery is our InterForce line for Hurricane Master Garage Doors at our South Florida manufacturing plant.

The upper and lower InterForce channels are roll-formed on opposite sides of the line and where they are first glued, then inserted into the sections as the they pass down the manufacturing line heading towards the drilling station. Holes for the for the vertical stiles are then precisely drilled, the vertical stiles are then glued and set in place before coming to the end of the line. Steel rivets are then anchored in place before your sections are bundled, labeled and set aside waiting to ship to one of our authorized dealers.

Our designs, and manufacturing capabilities, ensure your newly manufactured hurricane master garage door operates hassle free for a lifetime.

Our Miami-Dade County Product Approval for garage doors up to 9′ 4″ wide requires no additional reinforcement attached to the back side of the Hurricane Master Garage Door and is still capable of achieving a design pressure of +50 PSF / -60 PSF.

Our Miami-Dade County Product Approval for garage doors up to 16′ 2″ wide only requires the addition of 3 2 ¼” U Bar supports to the back of the door to achieve design pressure of +48 PSF / – 52 PSF.

We are able to achieve hurricane pressures with only a 3 2 ¼” Ubars, that means the overall thickness in a Hurricane Master Garage Door alone is less than every other manufacturers U-bar in the industry. Our U-bars are not the U-Bars seen on typical garage doors across the country, they are tried and tested in real world applications year after year in the harshest wind conditions mother nature can generate.

Manufactured right here in Miami Dade County just 10 miles from an accredited test lab,  It is easy to see why Hurricane Master Garage Doors are far superior to other brands on the market today. Offering you our patented InterForce technology giving you more room to park your vehicles, and our patented Clear Vision window option, a clean and clear appearance can be a reality without unsightly bulky bracing protruding into your garage.

Prevent a disaster with the Hurricane Master! Your number one choice for protection!