Model 724 Mono

Model 724 “Mono” The Original Hurricane Master

Designed in the 1960’s the 724 Mono was the first attempt by anyone to build a garage door to withstand Hurricane force winds. The Mono’s design was so revolutionary that it is used by practically every shutter company today for hurricane protection on both window and door openings.

The original design from the 1960’s exceeded Miami Dade County post Andrew building requirements with only the addition of a few U-Bars. With additional U-Bars, the Model 724 has a Miami Dade County Product Approval with an astounding +101/-116 PSF making it the strongest garage door in the world, delivering the ultimate protection against even though the strongest storms.

With the severe angle of the Model 724 helping deflect air-borne debris, and a 24ga skin, the Model 724 had no issues passing the large missile impact test required by Miami Dade to be approved for installation in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

The Model 724 has been a clear choice for building contractors and warehouse developers for over 30 years. With its unparalleled pressures designed to withstand hurricane force winds, keeping the buildings contents safe and secure during the worst hurricanes, it will continue to serve as a staple for commercial installations, large distribution centers and warehouse bay garage doors for years to come.


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