Replacing your existing door


  • Our patented design allows us to have the overall thinnest door on the market



  • The track system is one of the key components to achieving a hurricane rating



  • Calculated specifically for the size and weight of each door



  • Heavy duty rollers and hinges are required to achieve the impact rating required for South Florida building codes


The 2 x 6 jambs typically need to be reinforced with additional fasteners to comply with current building codes. 


Building Permits are required in all municipalities 


In order to achieve a hurricane rating ALL components must be replaced. Adding additional reinforcement to an existing garage door without an impact rating may strengthen the door however, this will not allow your existing garage door to become compliant with current building codes or insurance requirements. 


Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County


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Monroe County, Serving all the Florida Keys


Ricks Garage Doors





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